About the ARTIST

Hi, I am Chandni! Thanks so much for stopping by!

As far as I can remember, I've always had a love for Art! I remember as a child, writing my name on my parents' kitchen walls and then blaming it on my younger brother. I would find myself doodling through every math class, something I still do to this day when I can't calculate the tip amount for my restaurant bill (hehe). Instead of watching television, you could find me scribbling away in a corner "making" things for my loved ones!

Art is for all the things I don’t have words for in my life. It helps me the most when I want to communicate my love to my family, friends and even strangers. It helps me love more, worry less and spread love daily! The thing I love most about art is that there is no right or wrong, I just create from within and I hope to inspire you to do the same! Some days are harder than others and while I realize that I am often hard on myself, I also know there is no better feeling than to step away from the canvas and say "yep, I made that!"

Some days, I use Art as an escape from daily routine, overwhelming emotions and hardships. We all have our ups and downs but every time I have been lost in life, for whatever reason, I pick up my paintbrush and I find myself again! It's magic! Other days, I use Art to meditate and connect with my dearest Guru in a place of no expectations and nothing but honest presence. You will notice my faith plays a big part in the way I express myself through my art. I believe He is the greatest of all artists, after all He did create each and every single one of us! 

Art has and always will be my happy place! I created this website to share my happy place with you and hope you will be able to find something here that brings a little happiness into your world. Please do ask questions, leave comments, share your work and connect with me! I want to know you, I want to create for you and I want this to remain a happy and positive space filled with lots and lots of love, for all of us.

Thanks again for all the support and continuous encouragement throughout the years! Every time my Art work is hung on a new wall or when I receive a sweet message from one of you, it makes me want to spin around and around in circles with overwhelming joy.

Lastly, as a THANK YOU, all proceeds for your purchases will be donated to a local charity. If you are interested in learning more please contact me directly.